Escape Room is a live interactive game made for group fun. The timer starts counting down from 60 minutes as soon as the door closes behind you. Your team will scramble to find clues and hidden objects in the room in order to solve different puzzles to make your escape. It is a very unique experience and makes for a great adult night out! Do you have what it takes to ESCAPE?

On average only 1 out of 4 groups escape!! Find out if you have what it takes to escape at Escape Room!

Escape Rooms are largely growing in popularity across the US! It is such a unique experience that leaves you wanting to come back for more! New rooms and new themes are made throughout the year to keep you and your friends coming back again and again to see if you can make your escape at the Escape Room. Challenge your mind while making great memories.


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6-12 Players
Can you disarm the bomb planted in the saloon by the outlaws?


4-10 Players
Can you reverse the curse?

Kidnapped in the Warehouse

5-10 Players
Can you escape before your kidnapper returns?

The Naughty List

3-7 Players
Sneak into Santa's Workshop and escape with the Naughty List!


4-9 Players
Take a ride on the wild side with this full-motion moving escape room!

Michigan Escape Room




58944 Van Dyke Ave.
Washington Twp., MI 48094

We are located on the Southeast corner of 27 mile road and Van Dyke in the same plaza as The Pantry restaurant.